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info 15-22 july-work in progess
Public Forum - Draft program
Click here for download the last version of Public forum programme (11 july)

A Different World is Possible
to enhance and give maximum visibility to themes and proposals alternative to the G8
to raise public awareness of, and share the cultures and knowledge within the movement
to enhance the plurality of cultures, approaches and experiences which will converge in Genoa
to give audience to meaningful and important voices and news,  which otherwise would remain unheard
to focus on grass-roots experiences and testimonies of emancipation and resistance, especially from the South
to grant the movement the possibility to react ‘live’ to the debate within the G8
to create  the opportunity within the movement to get familiar with each other, share and compare each other’s experiences and perceptions
to pave the way towards finding common platforms and agendas
General Criteria:
to utilise all week and not only the days when the G8 takes place
to follow the ‘Porto Alegre’ model with general plenary sessions, thematic plenary sessions, and individual initiatives by organizations
to use the speakers as megaphones to the outside (general plenary sessions)
to plan a space where  the GSF* will comment on forum events (general plenary sessions)
to have the chance to deepen certain themes and issues (thematic plenary sessions and individual initiatives by organizations)
to strongly encourage public participation by providing an ‘open mic’ for questions and comments (thematic plenary sessions and individual initiatives by organizations)
Work methodology of the plenary sessions:
General plenary sessions: two hours of ten minute long interventions and space for GSF comments and G-Occhio**
Thematic plenary sessions: an hour and a half of interventions, and an hour and a half of  ‘open mic’ (the audience can be split into smaller groups to facilitate translation – the simultaneous translation then wouldn’t be necessary)
Individual initiatives by organizations: left to the discretion of each organiser