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1.Make sure you always have on you an identity paper in order to provide it upon request from Police, Carabineers, Finance. An ID card will do. Having an ID paper will avoide further problems such beeing taken to the nearest Police Office to doublecheck your personal particulars, which you are forced by law to give it correctly if asked to. By refusing to give your personal particulars, you will face either a pecuniary penality or a custodial sentence, which will be stronger if false particulars are given.You can ask for an identification if you are approched by civvies; the procedure is the same if you are dealing with a plainclothes agent.
2.In order to avoid misunderstandings, let any association's member deal directly with the Police; on the other hand having a warm approach with other demonstrants will create a better atmosphere.
3.In order to be helpful in case of need, try to stick toghether with people you know and be a witness if any action is a detrimental to other demontrants.

You'll find here below a list of offences for which you might be arrested; be aware that some actions are considered to be an offence if those occurs during a demonstration, even if they  might appear rightful. It goes without saying that certain offences such robbery, damaging, bodily harm, amount to a crime regardless if this happens during a demontration or not. However the person under arrest will answer for his actions.

Coming up against Public Officer in a violent or threatening manner, is liable of punishment. Beeing resistant means preventing a Public Officer from doing his duty. A Public Officer is doing his duty if he is been legaly commended to “charge” the crowd; in this case it will be very difficult to determinate the illegitimacy of the action. By violance is ment any behaviour involving violent actions; by threat is ment menacing a violant behaviour. In this case to free oneself with a jerk has to be considered a violant behaviour. Keeping still, standing or lying down, let them pulling you, is not to be considere  a resistance.

By  seditious meeting is considered the assembling of minimum ten people who intent to offend or menace the Public Authority or create danger to the public order. However there will be no charge if the demonstrants obey to the orders and leave the demonstration peacefuly. In any case the offence is not strong enough to be putted under arrest.
Is forbidden to wear helmets or any cover that will make difficult the identification of the demonstrant. For this offence as well is not permitted a flagrant arrest.
Punishment is given to those holding up or disturbing the execution of a public service. Be aware that the circulation of public cars as well public vehicles giving a public assistane must be assured. A train hold up might cause a problem, but most probably in Genoa railstations will be closed during G8.
An indecent behavoiur  in public areas or in front of other people is punishable by a prison sentence, flagrant arrest is not permitted. Like  it happened in Goteborg where to welcome the “Big Of  The World” people showed their bottom, there is a certain tollerence for such an offence.
Inciting someone to break the law is punishable. This means that inciting to rebellion against the Police is an offence. Beeing this an ideological offence, charge will be given only by a concrete or strong action.

In case of arrest a calm attidude is very reccomanded. Avoid as much as possible any kind of quarrel or altercation with the Police Force. Do not release  any official or even unoffcial   declaration. Seek for a lawyer to let him know about the arrest. A lawyer is the only person who can deal with the arrested , he will stick up for his  rights. You can name up to two counsels. Inwithin four days maximum you'll be taken to court to have the judge confirming your arrest. By a clean record or minor offences the judge might release the arrested from prison after the first night. To get in touch with an italian lawyer call our numbers:
3282771170 (mobile) for legal info: