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info 15-22 july-work in progess

F.A.Q. for all people who will go to Genoa

Please note: before sending a message asking for information - which is welcome but time consuming and we are receiving a lot of them – read the following FAQ.
In doing so you should be able to find the information you’re looking for and you’ll help us by reducing our workload.
If you cannot find what you need please send your queries to: info@genoa-g8.org
It is our intention to constantly update this page with relevant information and more details as we get them.
Come to Genoa.
We are waiting for you, because we believe that a different world is possible and because there’ll be a lot of us saying so!

When to leave?
How to get there
Wat's happening in town?
Demo & marches
Legal assistance
Medical assistance

The Brignole station will be open during the summit days
The Shengen treaty don't will be suspended BUT the documents will be controlled at the borders
All the activities in the yellow zone will be free
The highway towards Genoa will be open

When to leave?
It is highly recommended to leave in time to be in Genoa by the 18th of July.
This is the date when the security measures planned by the authorities will start being fully operative.
The cities of Savona and La Spezia have been asked to set up camping and reception areas. They could be useful as stages on the route to Genoa.

How to get there
Trains – Almost 1 station of the city will definitely be shut on the 18th and the following days, but the Brignole station will be open.
To this date we do not have precise information on the eventual arrangements for special trains. Please contact your local organisations.
Please check the official sites for times and more information:
 - FS (Italy):                 http://www.trenitalia.com
- SNCF (France):       http://www.sncf.fr
- SBB (Switzerland):  http://www.sbb.ch/
  - RENFE (Spain):      http://www.renfe.es
  -  Germany:    http://www.bahn.de/
  - Belgium:     http://www.b-rail.be/

Ferryboats - the seaport will be closed on the 18th or even earlier. All the maritime traffic will be diverted to the port of Vado (1km. from Savona, 45km. from Genoa)

Aeroplanes - Starting on the 18th of July all air traffic will be diverted to Bergamo, Milan, Pisa and Turin
Cars - on the 19th of July all the highways leading to Genoa will be controlled but not patrolled.
Highways leading to Genoa
A7 Serravalle (Milano-Genova) exits: GE Genova Ovest.
A10 dei Fiori  (Ventimiglia-Genova) from/to the West,
                        exits GE Voltri - GE Pegli - GE Aereoporto - GE Ovest
A12  (Rosignano-Genova)  from and to the East,
                        exits GE Nervi e GE Est
A26 (Gravellona-Voltri) joins the A10 at Voltri Bolzaneto -

Routes to Genoa from France.
From Nice:
                        a)E74, A8, D124, N327 et da l'italie A10, E80m
                        b)Detournement Menton towards Sospel D2566, D93
                        Da Chambery
                        a)N6, E70, A43 et da l'itale S24, A32
                        b)Detournement SaintMicheldeMaurienne-Briançon-Oulx
                        D902, N91, N94

from Grenoble:
                         N91, N94
Routes to Genoa from Switzerland
From  Lausanne:
                        a) E27, A9, 9, 21 (Martigny-Aosta 74km)
                        b) 22 , A9, a Brig la 9 (Brig-Highway entrance 90Km)
from  Lugano:
                        A2, exit: Rancate
Routes to Genoa from Austria
 From Innsbruck:
                             A13, B182 Brennero
 from Salzburg:
                        A10, A2, B83 Tarvisio
Routes to Genoa from Slovenia
From Ljubljana:
                          1, 10 10-10, 10-5…many other options once in Gorizia (Friuli)
                        Please find excellent maps and detailed indications:

If you know anybody who can put you up, please make your own arrangements.
A list of hotels, pensions and B&B’s is now online
It is advisable to book largely in advance.
Please note that the local authorities and a media campaign have discouraged many landlords from accepting demonstrators as guests. Journalists are more easily accepted (get it?)
The youth hostel is open every day but it is absolutely necessary to book in advance
Ostello Genova, Via Costanzi 120/n, tel/fax ++39 010 2422457, e-mail  hostelge@iol.it)
We are trying to set up a welcoming network of private houses, flats and clubs.
An ‘Adopt a demonstrator’ campaign will be launched, asking the citizens of Genoa to give free and friendly accommodation to one or more demonstrators.
 Two e-mail addresses will be available, respectively for hosts and guests, to submit offers and requests of hospitality.
 Members of staff will manage offers and requests of hospitality trying to match them accordingly.
# Free public spaces
The Borough of Genoa and the Provincial and Regional Councils have been talked by GSF into preparing a reception plan. They will provide the use of empty schools, gyms and/or open areas. In this spaces there will be working toilets and running water but no camp beds.
Once these structures will be assigned, GSF staff with the assistance of voluntary local teams will co-ordinate and sorts out the places available. To this date it is impossible to give any detail on this operation. We want an accommodation for every person who’s coming to Genoa.
## ‘Private’ Structures
The internal census among the GSF is still going on. Many of the organisations adhering to the GSF have spaces – clubs, party and union offices, parishes, etc. - which can be used to accommodate people.

What's happening in town?
Free circulation will be severely limited in town during the days of the summit.
By official decree the prefect has established two security areas: the Zona Rossa (Red Zone) and the Zona Gialla (Yellow Zone).
The Red Zone is where the summit will actually take place. In the Red Zone access will be granted only to local residents in possession of an appositely issued permit. The Yellow Zone is a vast area surrounding the Red Zone. It has been set up for extra security.
Detailed maps of Red and Yellow Zones are available at:

Demos & marches
The Italian government is giving authorisation for all the demos in programme.
This is a political victory for all of us.

15th – 22nd of July: Public Forum
programme at:
www.genoa-g8.org/gpf-ita.htm Italian version
www.genoa-g8.org/gpf-eng.htm English version
19th of July: Migrants International March (route: Piazza Sarzano - Stadio di Marassi)
20th of July: Actions of Civil Disobedience and ‘Theme’ squares (around the Red Zone)
Some unions  (Cobas e rdb) have called for a general strike and a big workers demonstrations
21st of July: International Mass Demo (route: Via Caprera - Corso Italia - via G.Ferraris)
Go to the detailed description of the demonstrations

Legal assistence
On our web site it is available a little document on legal self-defence. Printed copies will be available in loco. Soon the English version will be ready. It has been prepared by the GSF legal team in order to prevent abuses, to know your rights and generally not to get into troubles.

Medical assistance
Voluntary medical teams, nurses and doctors, will be at ready. We are still working on it.

Take food and drinks for your trip
Take any medicine you need regularly
Take a hat and be generally prepared for hot weather
Do not carry any object that can be considered an offensive weapon (i.e. Swiss Army Knives)
Always carry a valid I.D.